Sauna, forest, lake and overnight accommodation for 6-8 people, but best for two! Nature and sauna lovers are invited to a secluded cottage, located at the intersection of Utena- Molėtai districts, near the beautiful lake of Alksnas.

This bungalow was built for a quiet family vacation. From the beginning, everyone called him this miniature name - "The Bungalow". We built it with extraordinary youthful enthusiasm, and we missed the most beautiful weekends, holidays and leisure. Now that the children have grown up and are trying to spend their free time more actively, we have decided that we need to share the good emotions and relaxation that this Lodge has given us.

The cottage can accommodate up to 8 people, but the best holiday couple, so we invite families or small companies to rest not only on the weekend. From our experience, we know that quality recreation in nature during the weekend is impossible, or even more tired, we invite you to save time and come for a longer period. And the price for a weekend or a week is a little different.

In the cottage you will find all the necessary household amenities, and your rest would be really high quality, there is no internet and TV in the cottage. We leave it in the form of an experiment. Without these things, dear modern visitors will not be able to do so, it will be installed very quickly. We want to offer you a different rest and a week to enjoy the wonderful nature, listen to the birds, take a boat, swim in the lake and the sauna, watch the wild animals quietly in the evenings, leaving the sun to grazing, and the fish jumping in the glass of lake water or just read a good book . And evenings up to the evening, spending time at the bonfire, telling stories or singing folk songs are much more memorable than a few movies on the bedside bed. This does not mean that you will not be able to watch basketball or other important sporting events that will be required to be seen. If agreed in advance, you will have the opportunity to watch them in the nearby farmstead. The musical backdrop will be provided by antique sparkle radio, with its extraordinary sound, which has not ended with a rare evening of dancing.

Bringing your bike or renting a bike from us for a symbolic fee, you can visit the local area, famous for its mounds, lakes, forests, countryside and small villages. For those who wish to arrange a canoe trip, we can arrange canoeing after the nearby lakes and rivers. Fishermen will be able to try their luck in the lake.

 We will provide you with local farmers' contacts, from which you can buy fresh rustic products. In the future, we will build gardens and greenhouses, where visitors will not only be able to taste fresh vegetables, but also grow themselves. There are also wooded forests that are rich in forest and natural meadows, where strawberries will suffice.

  We ourselves are walking enthusiasts, so we can help organize hikes through local forests or the nearby Labanor National Park. Hiking will not be easy, but the pleasure of waiting for the evening when you can relax in the sauna after twenty or more kilometers. The sauna is equipped in the cottage is spacious, fired with firewood. After bath - swimming in the lake. On request, we will be able to order a professional bather who will have a real sacred evening with all the attributes and magic rituals, as well as make cosmetic body treatments with honey from our apiary.

Everyone will enjoy the honey of our bees who will enjoy buying it. Those who want to get acquainted with the mysterious life of bees will be able to see the costume of the bee and look at the inside of the hive, which is located next to our apiary. Of course, if it is possible, because the whales have a whimsical consequence, they don't like to fly to them unnecessarily.

The cottage, as we mentioned, was built not for commerce, but for ourselves, from the bottom of our hearts. The time we spend there will remain in memory and in memories throughout life. We hope you enjoy it too. Bring a good mood and smile, and we will take care of everything else, us and Mother Nature. Surrounded by low-rise farmsteads, the Lodge is on a large private plot, making outsiders unlikely to visit. We look forward to families or small companies interested in rural life, nature and relaxation. We can accommodate and accommodate a larger number of people in the nearby buildings or tents of our homestead. We do not organize holidays.

The cottage is 18 km from Utena, 86 km from Vilnius, 30 km from Moletai, 130 km from Kaunas, 1119 km from Berlin, 556 km from Warsaw, 226 km from Riga, 877 km from Moscow, 822 km from Kiev, 5 km from Moscow. Kuktiškės, 11 km from Sugien.

We speak Lithuanian, German, slightly Polish and English.