Homestead rental prices

The price includes:

  • Firewood for fireplaces, saunas and barbecues;
  • Barbecue tools;
  • Boat during the season, with the prior agreement of the owners or their authorized person;
  • Bed linen, towels.

Informacija ir taisyklės

Internal Rules of Vidūnas Namelis

We have no doubt that our visitors will be tidy, respectful of themselves and those around them, respectful and loving Nature, so we want to discuss some rules in advance;

These rules must be read by customers before booking;

  • We love animals very much and will provide the opportunity to bring them in, but prior permission from the owners or their trustee is required to bring and keep dogs, cats or other animals in the homestead;
  • Movable property, furniture or other tangible property and inventory in the homestead may not be transferred or otherwise moved without the permission of the owners;
  • We will allow camping, but prior permission from the hosts or their trustee is required;
    It is not allowed to litter, pollute the environment with household and other waste, as well as otherwise cause any damage to Nature;
  • Any vehicles (land, air or water) must be parked and left in the designated areas;
    Before leaving the homestead, guests must hand over the rented premises as found on arrival, i.e. neat and clean, participate in handing over the rented premises and material values ​​to the owners or their authorized person;
  • Damaged inventory or other tangible assets must be reported immediately and settled by handing over the premises. Those who have plans to break or damage something must notify the hosts or their trustee in advance and agree on a price. It will be cheaper;
    Guests must use water and electricity sparingly;

We have no doubt that our visitors are disciplined, orderly, responsible towards themselves and those around them, respect their own and our neighbors’ right to rest and peace, so we want to discuss some rules in advance.

The guests undertake to protect and preserve the property of Vidūnas Namelis and the sauna, to follow the internal rules. The Client shall be liable for the property and other damage caused in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. If the loss or damage is caused by the guest’s minor children, they must be compensated by the parents or guardians.

  • During the stay, guests undertake, observe and follow the rules of safe behavior requirements and ensure the safety of themselves and their children (wards);
    If there is sometimes (preferably not) a disaster for the guest or his children, personal injury (God forbid) or damage to their property through their own fault, in violation of the internal rules, the service provider is not liable;
  • Guests must keep a safe distance from any heating elements in the sauna, cottage, or other premises (fireplaces, stoves, other heating and electrical equipment). Failure to comply with these requirements is the sole responsibility of the guests and the service provider is not responsible for it;
  • Guests must take all safety precautions and move safely and try not to slip on wet, icy or otherwise slippery surfaces: stairs, stairs, floors, tracks and other surfaces. Failure to comply with these requirements is the sole responsibility of the guests and the service provider is not responsible for it;
  • Guests undertake to comply with the rules of fire, safe behavior on the water and on the coast;
  • Any noise (loud singing, playing musical instruments and use of other audio devices) in short, causing noise, is strictly forbidden and punished from 22 to 6 o’clock, because sometimes public order is disturbed, causes the arrival of officials and administrative liability (even fine) under Lithuanian law. in accordance with the procedure laid down.

Reservation and payment

  • The reservation is confirmed and is valid only after transferring the advance for the rent and receiving the e-mail or SMS confirmation of the received advance;
  • Please transfer the advance no later than 3 days after the booking agreement;
  • If customers change their mind and cancel the reservation, we will not refund the advance;
  • Upon arrival at the rented premises, please pay the remaining amount for the reserved period;
  • If the holidaymakers do not stay for the estimated rental period, the service provider is not obliged to refund the fee for the time not spent;
  • Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that make it impossible to provide quality services during the scheduled reservation period, then we will immediately inform the customer and refund the advance paid by him;
  • On long weekends and public holidays (please do not be angry) we reserve the right to earn more

The rental day starts at 3 pm and ends at 12 noon. If possible and by prior arrangement, we can accept earlier

We have no doubt that Vidūnas Namelis and sauna visitors are responsible, disciplined, careful, take care of their own and others’ safety, therefore we will discuss some fire rules, which must be read before arrival and which all visitors and guests undertake to follow when ordering the service.

  • Use electrical appliances properly, do not allow children to use them. Do not leave electrical appliances switched on unattended;
  • Smoking is very harmful, so smoking on the terrace, in the beds and throughout the cottage is strictly forbidden. You can only poison yourself by smoking outdoors, in a secluded, designated place by the fireplace, and all cigarettes must be extinguished and collected in dedicated rubbish bins;
  • It is possible to burn a fireplace or a sauna, a bonfire and other devices that emit an open fire, only the permission of the owners of the homestead or their authorized person must be obtained and the instruction must be heard;
  • We have a lot of wild animals and birds, and there may be people resting on the other side of the lake, so we agree that the use of any firearms, fireworks or firecrackers is strictly forbidden;
  • Fire can be created in the whole territory only in the designated places, with prior notification of the owners of the homestead or their representative;
  • Handle candles responsibly and safely, use only dedicated stands in the homestead;
    Use electrical appliances properly, do not allow children to use them. Do not leave any switched on electrical appliances unattended. When leaving the premises, it is mandatory to turn off the lighting and other electrical appliances except the refrigerator;
  • In the event of an accident and fire, tenants must evacuate people from the premises, inform the spec. services and to extinguish the fire on their own until help arrives. Use the fire extinguisher and other equipment in the Lodge and report the incident to the landlord.

Requirements for safe heating of saunas and fireplaces, which must be complied with after obtaining a heating permit and hearing instructions;

  • Firewood should be stored only in designated areas and containers, at a safe distance from the fire source, as far as possible from open fire;
  • The fireplace, sauna and campfire can be burned only with firewood, not rubbish or other objects. It is strictly forbidden to throw plastic into the fire;
  • Replenish the firebox only after the firewood has burned completely;
  • Do not heat the sauna, stove and fireplace at the same time. If one of the units is lit, the other must be completely extinguished and cooled down;
  • Maximum heating time of the sauna 2.5 hours, fireplace 3 hours;
  • When you finish burning the fireplace, make sure it is tightly closed and no smoke penetrates through it;
  • Go to sleep only after making sure that the firewood in the fireplace is completely burned and there are no burning embers;
    The sauna cannot be overheated, i.e. the temperature inside must not exceed 70 degrees;
  • After using the sauna, make sure that the firewood in the fireplace is burned;
    Do not leave the existing sauna stove or fireplace unattended, leave only after making sure that the sauna has cooled to at least 50 degrees and the wood in the fireplace or fireplace has burned down completely;
  • If you notice any smoke leakage, ventilate the room by opening windows and doors. Inform the hosts when the smoke detector is activated;
    When heating a fireplace or sauna, do not leave children unattended (it is best not to leave them unattended at all). It is very unfortunate, but it is mandatory to prohibit children from burning a campfire, a fireplace or playing with burning sticks, firewood, embers, etc.

We have no doubt that our visitors understand the need to behave very responsibly in the water, so for your and our safety, we will discuss a few rules you are familiar with before you arrive and will be binding on all visitors and guests of the Lodge;

  • To sail by boat, you must agree in advance with the owners of the homestead or their authorized person and take into account the Natural Conditions;
  • Vests and other safety equipment must be worn while sailing;
  • The number of people in the boat must not exceed the number of seats allowed;
  • Do not stand, sit on the edge, walk or change the seat in the boat. Jumping into the water and diving from the boat is also prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to boat intoxicated persons;
  • Children cannot use the boat without adult supervision;
  • Swim only when you are sure of your safety and do not exceed the safe water depth;
  • Bathing or boating under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited (threat of administrative liability and restriction of access to water transport);
  • Do not climb on steps, stairs or other wet surfaces without making sure they are not slippery or otherwise dangerous to use and walk;
  • Take special care to bathe children, do not leave them alone unattended in the boat, on the pier, on the shore or in other places;

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